Our Investment Process

Successful investing begins with a disciplined investment process.

  • We evaluate P2P platforms, their credit processes, operating standarts, loan terms, types of loans issued and contractual structures. We do macro-economic research and we survey the credit environment.

  • We review of profiles and borrower applications provided on the platforms. We make risk/return analysis among credit quality categories. We have proprietary screening filters to avoid loans that may be more likely to default. We make relative value comparisons to choose loans we think offer the best value in terms of risk and reward.

  • We allocate between business loans and consumer loans. We diversify also according to country, credit quality, loan term and platform provider.We look at the impact of default rates on the portfolio.

  • Our CIO approves loan pruchase and trade is executed.

  • We on-going review loan performance and service provider activities. We work with service providers to restructure loans if necessary.