In December of 2010, we started investments in P2P US Consumer platforms, and have steadily grown and improved since then.  The fund is a highly diversified portfolio with over 23,000 consumer finance loans purchased.  Over the last several years we have focused on developing fintech technologies to automate the selection and purchasing processes, achieving a consistent return in excess of 7% p.a. with volatility as measured by standard deviation of 0.5%.  This proven and proprietary fintech development path will be integrating AI (Artificial Intelligence, machine learning) modules in the near future to automate the current manual fintech module improvement process.

Fund Features

  • Target net returns of 7 – 11% p.a.
  • Currently 3 year loans only
  • Low volatility (standard deviation) of 0.5%
  • Currently utilizing API platform
  • Professionally managed and continually improved